Sunday, April 27, 2008

The downside of Mr. Kunstler's beliefs

I totally dig his notions on civic planning and architectural design.

Sadly, he didn't stop there.

He went on to add another layer of complication to his outlook: peak oil.

Now I believe in peak oil. No question there. And I even believe we're about to hit it (probably this year or next year). And I suspect things will get weird when it happens (understatement).

Mr. Kunstler added an alarmist twist to his outlook on peak oil: he believes Western civilization will irreversibly decline. Now he's NOT predicting Mad Max. He instead believes all of the monster-sized cities and the multi-city megalopolises will fragment, and that small cities and towns will become the life-blood of America's future.

Now I am willing to entertain all of this in a sheerly specultive mode. But because of this "extra baggage" found in his message, he kinda makes me NOT wanna sing his praises, because I am essentially being forced to uphold TWO notions as a package deal here. I liken all this to my willingness to believe my pastor when he tells me Jesus saves, but my unwillingness to believe the world is only 6,000 years old. (Makes me want to go find another Jesus-y kind of church that leaves the dinosaurs out of their gospel.)

I need to ponder this for a while.


jasdye said...

i didn't get to read your whole previous post (b/c it's longer than Methuselah's life, for one), but i don't think that this one point in the guy's perspective makes him wacko.

western civ (or at least, as we know it now) is not sustainable and won't last as is for long. rome collapsed. why shouldn't an entire civilization built on the need for irreplaceable oil run out?

the only question is, how will it change? and to what degree? y'know, those simple questions...

jasdye said...

btw, he was interviewed on the Colbert Report on Thurs. did you check that out?

Sheila West said...

Hi jasdye,

Yes, those questions are valid. And perhaps my latest blog entry from a few minutes ago will asnwer that question.

Meanwhile, I also was fortunate enough to catch Mr. Kunstler on The Colbert Report the other night. If THAT kind of a guest appearance isn't credibility-enhancing, what else could be?