Sunday, January 6, 2008

The wax job from hell

This is the absolute worst experiecne I have ever had at a beauty parlor.

I was getting my eyebrows waxed. And the technicion was leaning very closely, hovering over my face as she brandished her tweezers. And then she coughed--right in my face. A fine spray of her spit hit me on my nose and mouth.

I was utterly appalled and opened my eyes and glared hard at her. And she barely noticed and kept right on tweezing. But then a moment later, she suddenly realized why I was annoyed and she began to apologize: "Oh! So sorry!"

I figured out later that she probbaly absent-mindedly assumed she still had her mask on (she normally does nails and yet while doing my eyebrows she had her dust mask down around her neck instead of over her nose and mouth). So in a way her mistake was understandable. But STILL! Yick!

And then she made a ridiculous error with one eyebrow --an error that I have not only never experienced myself, but never even heard of other women experiencing. She glopped the wax onto my right eyebrow and let it cool for too long before attempting to lay down the linen strip. But then when she finally did lay the strip, she was unable to get it to adhere. My right eyebrow was now crusted over with hardened wax and neither she nor I could get it off. She tried for five minutes to apply various liquid compounds meant to remove the wax, and none of them worked. Finally I demanded she just stop and let me get the heck out of there. After leaving that place in a quiet huff I spent the next half hour scraping away at my poor imprisoned eyebrow with my fingernail trying to get it all off.

An eyebrow waxing usually costs about seven dollars and this place was no different. She had the nerve to charge me the full price. I almost didn't tip her (I typically tip two dollars) but I gave it to her anyway. I guess I'm just too nice. But I will never go back.

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Mercurie said...

As a guy I have never had my eyebrows waxed, but from the sounds of things that was a pretty bad experience. I really can't see coughing in someone's face being very professional...