Friday, October 26, 2007

Success and Failure

I have never weathered failure very well. Maybe that's a shortcoming. As Winston Churchill said:

“Success is the ability to go from one failure to the next
with no loss of enthusiasm.”

And as James Dyson (another Briton, incidentally) said:

“Enjoy failure and learn from it. You can never learn from

I suppose I'd like at least SOME success for a little change of pace though.


RC said...

well...based on thosse quotes, maybe the secret then is instead of trying to succeed you try to fail.

if your goal is to fail and you do fail...good job you succeed in your goal.

if you goal is to fail and you fail at failing you've succeeded. Congrats on succeeding!

Sheila West said...

Sounds like the makings of a new religion!

Move over, L. Ron Hubbard! The cult of RC is on the rise!

Mercurie said...

Well, I disagree with Dyson. I think one can learn from success. By the same token, I think it's possible not to learn from a failure. I think it all depends upon the person and what they make of their experiences.

Sheila West said...

Hey, mercurie, sorry I missed this comment.

Yeah--I would tend more to agree with you there. It's a bit of a blanket generalization to insist one can NEVER learn from success. In fact, one of my psych professors in college said to the class: "You shouldn't seek advice from a divorced person on how to have a successful marriage. Nor do you ask someone who's declared bankruptcy about how to manage money."

I kinda think Dyson was talking about his OWN successes and failures, though, as opposed to the successes and failures of others, putting a different dynamic on the learning part of it all. But still, I do think he was overstating things a bit.