Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Logline-Synopsis Query for AH7

Okay, guys, here is THE e-mail query that I have been sending out. And it's also the one that got the positive response from that one prodco (see previous post). This query took me several months to craft. I recently read that writing the logline alone can take almost as long as writing the script itself. And boy do I beleieve it!


Hi [name of executive deleted]!

I sat in on last night's [name of radio show deleted] interview you had with [name of radio host deleted]. Thanks so much for doing the interview. Your enthusiasm is amazing! (And that pitch for your TV pilot called [name of TV pilot deleted] brought me to tears! I can't wait to see it!)

My feature-length script is a romantic comedy in the same neighborhood of hilarity as "My Big Fat Greek Wedding." Which is to say: it's a poignant kitchen-sink piece with an ongoing tension, underscored by constant humor.

I wrote it with Jim Carrey in mind for the lead role, with "Bruce Almighty" as my original inspiration.


--Sheila West [and you guys all know this is NOT my real name]


TITLE: The Angels of Highway 7

Romantic Comedy with strong Fantasy/Spiritual elements

LOGLINE: Think Roswell, New Mexico ...... but with alleged angels instead of alleged aliens.

SYNOPSIS: The ailing desert town of Harksville hires a shallow promotional expert, GALVIN REED, 32, to come in and advise them on how to revitalize their economy after the local army base shuts down. He falls for a local pottery shop owner, PERCY WINTERS, 29, who unsuccessfully hides from him her own growing financial desperation. Deeply moved by her predicament, he sets out to exploit the forgotten legacy found in decades-old newspaper reports of angels sighted on the local highway. With his skill as a promotional expert, he secretly fans the flames of rumor and speculation, triggering a booming tourism industry that transforms Harksville into the Roswell of angel enthusiasts. But little does he realize, most legends are based on truth. And so the REAL angels of Highway 7 eventually catch up to him.


Mercurie said...

I have to admit, if I was in the industry that query would perk my interest.

Sheila West said...

Thanks Murcurie. Sorry I missed this comment by you. I appreciate your support of my web postings. It's good to know I'm being read. And I deeply value your comment that the query sparked your inetrest. If you'd like, I can even send you a copy of the script to read.