Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Pay me NOT to abort my child

That's about the size of this 8-day-old web site's message:


The world has 90 days (82 days now) to cough up $50K, or this guy and girl will abort.

Wow. Just wow.

So when the heck is Fox News gonna pick this one up? CNN? Larry King Live? Keith Olbermann? Jon Stewart? Stephen Colbert? Or would they maybe rather NOT give this web site the free publicity?


Mercurie said...

What I want to know is what makes them think they need $50K? They don't need a down payment on a house. My best friend and his wife rent, and I don't see that their three year old has suffered for it. As to a car that runs, I don't know of any used car that is THAT expensive. The medical bills I can somewhat understand. Regardless, I think whether one is pro-choice or anti-abortion, this sounds more like extortion than a plea for help.

raymond said...

welcome back ms. west! you need to visit your blog more often. :) haha

What a loser that person is. Whether she is a sadistic pregnant woman or a bored CEO, loser.

Sheila West said...

mercurie, I agree. And my own pet theory/hypothesis is that IF this pregnancy is real, they are both probably in a great deal of personal debt right now (but won't admit to it). And this is their way of simultaneously clearing out the debt and getting into a better living situation. And part of me doesn't blame them for that.

But all across the board, they are just plain irresponsible. Irresponsible for getting into such (hypothetical) debt. Irresponsible for getting pregnant (in spite of whatever method of birth control they were using). Irresponsible for refusing to choose adoption (that was the icing on the cake for me). And the selfishness inherent in their preference to abort rather than adopt is deplorable.

I hate to "judge" people. God knows I have my faults. As a Chrisian I am privately opposed to the principles of abortion. But as a US citizen it is my regretable conclusion --one I came to with much deeply anguished study on the matter-- that abortion on demand is a tragic necessity in our democratic society. I feel it should remain perfectly legal and needs to be kept a private matter between a woman and her doctor. And so I will not judge these women or their doctors. I leave that task of judgement to God.

braces for backlash from other readers of my blog

Sheila West said...

raymond, thanks for the vote of confidence.

Sorry I've been absent. I finsiehd my screenplay and am at a difficult crossroad as far as what to do with it now. I can attempt to sell it. But my wish fantasy is to produce it myself. If I sell it (which would be a miracle), and if it gets made (an even bigger miracle), I fear there are several key points in the film that will get bastardized in the dreaded "development" process.

So I have been away from this blog trying to hash that whole thing out in my mind and in my heart.

Ryan Hartsock said...

If you go to the link you have now...it's a hoax.

Sheila West said...

Thanks, Ryan. I didn't know about the hoax. I'm glad it was exposed.