Friday, May 25, 2007

I did something very he-man-ish and very mechanical/technical today!

All by myself!

I installed an inline switch onto the electrical cord of one of my lamps!

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All it takes is a razor and a screwdriver and about ten minutes (five if you're fast).

I RULE!!!!!!

Oh, and ... this is also the first time I've ever posted an image here in my blog. So it's a red letter day all around!


Mercurie said...

Wow. This may not be the most manly thing to admit, but I've never installed an inline switch onto an electrical cord....

jasdye said...

yeah, i've been a barbie in that line.

Sheila West said...

I didn't "intend" to install it. It's just that I bought an under-the-counter lamp from Home Depot. And when I got it home and unwrapped it, the inline switch was NOT ATTACHED to the electrical cord. Instead it was wrapped up separately in a small plastic baggie. And they were nice enough to include a set of written directions on how to attach it.

I was mad! How lame! How unprofessional!

I was also a little scared. Electricty sort of freaks me out. And the idea of cutting into electrical cords and creating my own circuits doesn't give me the warm fuzzies. It causes me to envision accidental electrocutions and houses burning to the ground.

But the alternative was to simply plug and un-plug the lamp every time I wanted to use it.

Well ... PFFT! to that!

So I went ahead and did it. And then ... plugged it in ... and ... it worked! No electrocutions! No sparks exploding out of the wall socket! No sub-atomic destruction of the house!

I feel so empowered!

jasdye said...

could you leave a testimonial like that for my wife? seriously, ANYTHING having to do with some mix of electricity and water means that i have to do it (incl., conspicuously enough, laundry) for those same fears.