Wednesday, May 30, 2007

I am "well-respected" (or so my reputation score says)

Yes! I just hit 50 points as of today in my reputation score of that way-cool message board community. And the magic number 50 pushed me over the border from being "on a distinguished road" to being "well-respected."

Ha! I love it!

I wonder what my score will say when I hit 100. Can't want to find out!

Friday, May 25, 2007

I did something very he-man-ish and very mechanical/technical today!

All by myself!

I installed an inline switch onto the electrical cord of one of my lamps!

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All it takes is a razor and a screwdriver and about ten minutes (five if you're fast).

I RULE!!!!!!

Oh, and ... this is also the first time I've ever posted an image here in my blog. So it's a red letter day all around!

Saturday, May 5, 2007

Yes, True Believers -- American Movie-Goers DO Still Exist!

The latest Spider-Man installment followed in its predecessors' footsteps and likewise broke opening-day records. Yesterday, Spider-Man 3 achieved the the highest grossing opening day ever: $56 million was raked in from (eeh gads!) 10,000 screens across the USA. (Yes, 10,000 screens!) It's expected that just this weekend alone will bring in well-over $150 million at the US box office for the picture.

Who said nobody goes to the movies anymore?

Getting down and dirty with the numbers ......

With a budget of $258 million (I suspect that might be another record) the "double or nothing" rule dictates that it needs to make exactly double the budget before it breaks even. So, between domestic and foreign, it needs to generate over $516 million world wide in order NOT to be considered a flop. I have confidence that it will indeed deliver on that expectation. And I'm not even counting the "after-market" of DVD sales and renatls.

And then there's ALLLLLLL that merchandising.

Yes ... what a wonderful bird the cinema are.

Friday, May 4, 2007

Reputation Points -- What a cool idea for a message board!

I recently joined a message board community with "reputation points" built into the board. If I like someone, or just like the post they just made, I click their "reputation" button (a set of balancing scales) found in that particular post and then they get one more point added to their overall score.

I didn't know about this at first. And then the other day I was in my profile and I saw some permenent-looking feature in the control panel that said I had 16 points.


I had to do some digging around to find out what that meant. You start off as a Newbie with 10 points, and then it grows from there. I had accumulated 6 additional points from people and never knew it. And all of them were "positive" (yes, you can give someone negative points too!) As of five minutes ago, I have 30 points.

Right now, my score equals the following label:

"You are on a distinguished road."

I have been checking other people's labels too. (I can't see the number of points they have, only their labels.) There are SO MANY! Somewhere (only the mods know) there is a master list of ALL the labels, and how many points your have to accumulate to progress to the next label. I will now post those labels in no particular order:

This poster has a spectacular aura.

This poster is well-respected.

This poster is a shiny, shiny jewel.

This poster has earned our admiration.

This poster is so great that we've run out of appropriate compliments. (Usually only moderators have achieved THIS level.)

This poster should run for president. (Usually long-term veterans have this one.)

This poster is a splendid one to behold.

This poster is a glorious beacon of light.

This poster is better than ice cream with hot fudge.

This poster has a golden reputation.

This poster is a candidate for sainthood.

This poster leaves trails of profuse coolness.

This poster is on a golden path.

I notice other newbies like me (less than two months there, less than 100 posts) likewise have the label "on a distinguished road." So I am assuming that "on a distinguished road" is the lowest score you can have. But then I also notice that the annoying jerks in that message community who have over a thousand posts and been there two years are ALSO "on a distinguished road." So me be thinking the jerko's ain't got too many points yet--either they rarely get good points, or the few they do get are constantly negated by the bad points. And I'm kinda curious to see how long it'll take before I can surpass them (which I won't be able to know until my label changes!)

This is a great way to coerce people into keeping thnigs civil and pouring on extra layers of nicey-nice. Instead of the negative reinforcement of the "Report" button, it's positive reinforcement of "Reputation Points." And no mod needs to ever be in the loop for these points. The disciplanry issues practically take care of themselves! It's a moderator's dream come true!

It is my intention to keep posting at this message board, to keep accumulating points, and to crack the code and decipher what all the break-points are for progressing to the next level. (Not that the overall coolness of the board doesn't already keep me there.)

Stay tuned!

All right all of you! Roll call!

Who's here? How did you find my blog? Do I have any "regulars" that have ever bookmarked me? And what can you all tell me about yoursleves?