Saturday, April 14, 2007

Movie Prerequisite: Show Me Something New

Show me something I've NEVER seen before. Something never before set to film. Something that neither I nor anyone else has ever conceived before. Give me a first rate, world class "Wow" from beyond my wildest dreams. Take. My. Breath. Away.

I don't know about the rest of you, but the number one selling point for me on how much interest I'm going to have in a film is the trailer. And so far this year I have seen TWO trailers that register quite high on my wow-meter. Two films that had one or more snippets of but a few seconds each that totally blew my doors off.

Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End



The PotC trailer has only one image that blows me away. No, not the scene with the ship heading for the end of the world (a flat earth image where the waters of the ocean are falling off the edge of the world into space as a ship precariously heads for the edge). That image has been done before (yawn). In fact, not only have I already seen a ship sailing to the edge of a flat earth before in several serious movies, I'm also pretty sure Monty Python did it once as a Python cartoon joke. And I also recall leafing through a friend's vintage collection of LP records and the cover of one album (you music heads might know what I'm talking about, I know I don't recall) was a very cool early 1970's semi-psychedelic painting of a ship sailing off the edge of the world. So it's not as if a ship sailing off the edge of the world is something I have NEVER see before. No.... the PotC image that absolutely stirred my fantasy-driven soul is of the huge ocean going ship sailing over the dunes of either a beach or of a vast desert. The Black Pearl went supernaturally amphibious it would seem.

As for the trailer for Next, the imagery in that film has Nicolas Cage repeatedly dodging danger after danger. In one snippet he even literally dodges a bullet. This was WAY cool. He dodges a car as it tumbles down a mountain at him. He even dodges the individual logs in an avalanche of logs falling down the same mountain. And the reason he is able to dodge them is he already knows ahead of time where they will be at what point in time. You can see Nicolas Cage standing there, counting the seconds until he has to dodge the next airborne object.

I have NEVER seen that before. Not even Neo dodging bullets in The Matrix can top this.

Way cool.


raymond said...

Hi, I'm just a stalker finally revealing himself and making a comment...

The ship on the sand would have been the "I have to see this movie" clip if it hadn't been for the scene immediately preceding it. The one where Geoffrey Rush cackles and we see two ships fighting each other while swirling down a gigantic whirlpool...that I have NEVER seen before, and my jaw drops every time I watch it. Can't wait.

As far as Next goes...I've seen the trailer, but I can't get pumped about it yet. I think it has something to do with Cage's performance in The Wicker Man.

Sheila West said...

Hey, Raymond. I have also seen whirlpools sucking ships down to the murky depths. So once again, been-there-done-that.

Meanwhile, if an actor's past performance or one of his past works tosses cold water all over your ability to like anything in his future, I totally relate. I can't stand Michael Douglas and when I rented "The Ghost In the Darkness" I had no idea he was in it. I thought it was a Val Kilmer flick. Then when Michael Douglas showed up, I cringed and the rest of the film was ruined for me. His presense on the screen changed the film's whole tone to a comical piece of schlock.