Wednesday, April 4, 2007

I finally uploaded it! "The Angels of Highway 7" is now available to read!

I failed to upload it as a PDF because the file was just to big. But I did manage to do it as Rich Text.

It came out in Rich Text to a staggering 305 pages. Umm... I thought it was just 246 (not that 246 isn't already outageously long).

I am registering it TODAY with the WGA-East. And I e-mailed the link to a friend in LA who's a low-level producer.

EDIT -- I just registered it at WGA-east. My registration code is here:
Thank you. Your payment has been accepted and your script is now registered.when communicating with the guild about this registration, please code this reference number VQFA0FC4A469

If anyone here wants to read it and coment, please feel free to do so.

And I have a "shorter" log line now.

"A small-towns development specialist blunders into a mafia plot to force a casino into a small desert community that recently hired him for his consultation services. By covertly fanning rumors concerning decades-old accounts of angels having once watched over the local highway, he triggers a lucrative tourist industry of curiosity-seeking angel-watchers. But the mob isn't pleased with the town's sudden financial independence and when they catch up to the development specialist, only the REAL angels of Highway 7 can save him now."

One point to be aware of: only Jim Carrey can play the leading role (the character named Galvin West). No one else could even come close to doing the lead any justice.

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