Saturday, April 14, 2007

Another excerpt from my script

Okay. I only just found out a few minutes ago that if you make a Blogspot post, save it as a draft, and then go back weeks later and hit "publish" it will NOT publish with today's date, it will instead publish with the several-weeks-ago date.


Here's the one I published today, yet is dated April1st so it's buried behind other posts:

(How embarassing!)


Peter T Chattaway said...

FWIW, Blogger lets you change the date and time of the posts. The controls for this are at the bottom of the editor. The default setting is the time when you start the post, rather than when you finish the post -- hence, if it takes you a week to finish it, it will appear with a week-old date.

Sheila West said...

Ah thank you!