Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Almost done with my screenplay "The Angels of Highway 7"

My target date for completion was March 1 (less than two days away). I don't believe I can finish by then. I haven't "finished-finished" the first draft yet (but I'm close). My past experience has been that as soon as I am done, I need another entire week of refinement. I usually need to re-read a script fifteen or twenty times, and tweak, and nudge, and poke, and THEN it's done. So unless I crank out the cappuccinos and stay awake non-stop for the next 36 hours, that target date ain't gonna get met.

One of the things that has held me up was a time line difficulty. I had five events all unfolding simultaneously between three different sub-plots, and I had to make them all come to a head at the same time at the end of a five-week period. And I kept shifting it from five weeks to three weeks to eight weeks to four weeks, etc. (I even had it as a six-month period for a while there). And now I think I've finally nailed it down. Those events were: an upcoming town election, an upcoming town Centennial celebration, the sale of a family heirloom, the exhaustion of the patience of an out-of-town Mafioso, and the installation of a local cellular tower by a cell phone company (not to mention two characters each fulfilling their respective character arcs!). ALL of the above plays into the final climax of the film.

And yes, there's a chase scene at the end too.

After I've actually WRITTEN it, I need to go back and fix a few factual elements to make sure I'm being scientifically accurate about certain things (facts about spider webs and helicopters and ion displacement fields, etc). I also have a few Bible quotations I need to make sure I'm quoting correctly, and some financial data from odd places like the annual GDP for the nation of Scotland.

So no: there' no way I'll be done by March 1. Maybe March 10 though.

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